A ‘new normal’ update

As I watch the nights drawing in from my very comfy sofa I am reminded of how quickly this year is going and that I have not written a blog for a few weeks!

I have been far from idle though.

Sewing for ‘FTLOS’ has kept me grounded over some emotional moments these past few months so it was sad to read that while the group is still going and ever present as and when needed, all of us sewers are giving our machines a bit of a rest.

As a small reminder of the past 6 months, members of the group were sent a beautiful thank you card, something I will treasure and keep as a reminder for a long time – dog the teeth marks and everything (Ripley likes to be first to the post when it arrives).

The group also had access to purchasing special edition scissors, hand crafted in England by https://www.whiteley.co.uk/ and engraved with ‘For the Love of Scrubs’. It seems we managed to crash the website trying to buy them! Again, Ripley managed to get to these first too.

So, as one chapter ends, another begins. I feel that a bit more dog training is certainly in my future. Ripley (it seems from the above) is getting in to the habit of damaging post as he brings it to us and I have visions of our wonderful dog trainers having a head in hands moment.

Sadly, coming to an end a few months ago was the gallery and cafe at Weyhill. All is not lost however, as I have a new outlet to sell the little baby crib shoes and bibs I love to make. They now are being sold by Caro at https://www.birdtreedesign.co.uk/ also at the Faiground, Weyhill. One shoe and bib set has already been sold and I am now making a pair or two for Halloween along with another set in pink, and one in navy.

The Fairground Craft Centre at Weyhill has also seen a few changes. Bird Tree Designs have enlarged their studio to encompass a learning area and a small gift shop. Definitely worth a visit as alongside some slightly more expensive items there are some adorable reasonably priced items that are perfect for gifts, or, ‘just because’. Caro is also an amazingly talented artist.

Jen at Beaker Button, (another amazingly talented artist) is now open and has been for a few months now, but at reduced hours. She been working on a new Dorset Button book which will be published in the near future. I have been lucky enough to see some of the designs in the book and it is well worth purchasing. To have a look at all things relating to wool craft head to https://www.beakerbutton.co.uk/.

New Threads continue to offer a good service along with technical advise in a covid friendly way. While going into the shop is not yet allowed, if you want to buy anything from here you can order on line at https://www.new-threads.com/. Alternatively, have a look for what you would like on line then, from 12 noon until closing, you can head to the shop. For those of you who have been there you will know that there are two sides of this shop. This has been ‘joined’ with see through plastic. To make a purchase in person, head to a the little protected between the two sides of the shop and press the bell. Meg, Maggie or one of the other members of staff will come and serve you through the see through plastic! It seems strange but it is ingenious and safe!

Sarah at Love and Joy https://www.love-joy-home.co.uk/ has also moved to where the cafe used to be (or at least a corner of it). The shop looks amazing and is so spacious. Now the new Cafe has also opened (full details and opening times can be found on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thefairgroundcafe/) there is a real feeling of community at the Fairground once again.

So, while the ‘new normal’ will be strange and the future (as always) uncertain, it you want a little piece of calm and nostalgia in an otherwise difficult time, head to the Fairground at Weyhill.

Until I manage to write another blog, stay safe and well

Sarah xx

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